BLX-MR2 Automatic Walkthrough Footwear Sanitation

Clean Logix

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The BLX-MR2, Mister 2, by Clean Logix is a compact, low-cost way to quickly and efficiently apply sanitizer to the bottom of footwear in an easy-to-use, walk-through package. Designed for dry facility environments, the MR2 increases pathogen prevention while maintaining minimal moisture output to facilities with a moderate to large amount of traffic at the entry and exit of critical hygienic zones.

Using only compressed air, the MR2 applies 0.2 ounces of sanitizer to the bottom of each boot, simultaneously, via 8 misting nozzles (4 per boot). The misting output reduces over-spray while still providing adequate solution coverage to the entire sole, preventing cross-contamination between high-risk environments and control zones. Any additional moisture is collected in a large debris tray that can be easily removed or plumbed via 1/4" NPT to be routed to a drain or collection tank.

Includes onboard air regulator and solution filter (500 microns) with quick connect fittings.



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1 year manufacturer warranty