BLX-1000 Automatic Walkthrough Boot Scrubber

Clean Logix

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The BLX-1000 series boot scrubber is a completely automated hygiene system for cleaning the soles and sides of footwear in an easy to use, walkthrough design. The 1000 is by far the largest boot scrubber produced by Clean Logix and is built for high-capacity environments where facilities see a large amount of personnel entering or exiting an area that requires hygienic zoning or cross-contamination prevention methods. The machine features two separate scrubbing zones for Dual Action Scrubbing; one section includes 1 of 5 possible brush styles that focus on scrubbing the boots in line with the walkway, while the next section has brushes cross-scrubbing the bottom of each foot to remove even more soil and debris from the tread patterns and hard to reach areas.

The unit is equipped, standard, with a DEMA® venturi injector and a variety of metering tips to dilute your chemical or cleaning solution of choice to your exact specifications. No particular solution or chemistry is required to be used with the BLX line – just plug in and start cleaning.


System includes 1-year warranty and lifetime customer support.



  • Solid member stainless steel construction with hinged access grate
  • Two removable anti-slip steps with draining features
  • Bi-directional entry and exit
  • Two emergency stops, located at each end of walkway
  • Dual 34“ x 8” horizontal sole brushes
  • Stainless electrical enclosure with variable speed drive
  • Proximity sensor and spring-loaded grate for unit activation with adjustable timer
  • 100% wash down rated enclosures, motors, gearboxes, and hardware
  • Self-draining tub with 2.5” tri-clamp and four adjustable hygienic feet (no exposed threading)
  • Solenoid activated brush spray nozzle system and venturi injector with 2.5 GPM flow rate
  • Up to 3 users at a time (15-25 users per minute*)
    • *Through-put estimates will vary depending on soil load and individual cleaning requirements
  • Remote panel options available for wall mounting control panel away from the unit
  • Optional side shields available for increased debris management
  • Includes venturi injector, suction line, and strainer
  • 1-year warranty and lifetime support


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1 year manufacturer warranty