BLX-200 Walkthrough Manual Boot Scrubber

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The BLX-200 boot scrubber is a large walk-through hygiene system for cleaning the sides and soles of footwear. The 200 is a walk-through manual styled boot scrubber that is built for either dry or wet environments to accommodate a moderate amount of personnel entering or exiting an area that requires hygienic zoning or cross-contamination prevention methods. The machine features brush zones that users place a single foot into to remove soil and debris from the tread patterns and hard-to-reach areas of the boot.

Wet-based units that require water and cleaning solution applications come with a DEMA® venturi injector and a variety of metering tips to dilute chemicals or cleaning solutions to your exact specifications. No particular solution or chemistry is required to be used with the BLX line – just plug in and start cleaning.

The system includes a 1-year warranty and lifetime customer support.



  • Manual walk-through footwear scrubbing unit.
  • Available as WET or DRY-based model.
  • Solid member stainless steel frame construction and handrails for extra employee stability.
  • Two removable sole brushes and eight removable vertical side brushes.
  • No electrical connection required.
  • Open frame design (no drain required)
  • Mounting anchors for floor-anchored installations (recommended)


Wet Model Features (#BLX-200W)

  • Spring-actuated sanitizer valves mounted under two removable S.S. footplates for spray activation.
  • Four stainless steel spray bars apply sanitizer through each set of brushes.
  • 3/8” NPT cold water connection (50PSI recommended).
  • Includes venturi injector, suction line, and strainer

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Warranty Information

1 year manufacturer warranty