ALX OMNI All-in-One Pump Controller System

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Everything you could need to safely and easily dispense chemicals in an all-in-one, easy-to-mount package. The ALX OMNI is one of the best ways to integrate an ALX chemical allocation controller into a facility where space is a concern. The customizable design is user-friendly and has been engineered for durability and chemical resistance using high-grade, durable materials like HDPE and stainless steel.

ALX OMNIs come in 2 sizes able to accommodate up to 4 or 8 chemicals using CAN-SO-4 solenoid devices to control AODD pumps. All components are neatly organized on a custom-engineered 1/2" HDPE plate with cable and hose routing to keep things organized. The OMNI includes an onboard air regulator to ensure compressed air is controlled at the source of all pump operations. 

ALX OMNIs are compatible with LITE or ELITE chemical allocation controllers.

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