ALX-PRO Chemical Allocation Controller

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The ALX-PRO offers sanitation managers the highest level allocation system available to control and record chemical consumption. PRO Units allow authorized Users to log in with a 4-digit code or RFID card to reliably dispense chemicals via time or weight-based methods. The 10-inch color touchscreen and piezo 316 stainless steel keypad provides a chemically resistant, easily interactive platform - making the dispensing process as smooth as possible. Features user permissions, scale compatibility, and access to Clean Intel - an online interface for remote chemical management.


Number of Users 500
Number of Manifolds 10
Number of Pumps/Chemicals 32
Number of Recipes 500
Amount of Recipe Steps 6
Dispense Step Time Range 00.1s - 99m:99.9s
Permissions Time Range 1-24 hours
Max Permissions Count 99
Max Number of Devices 16*
Dimensions 16" x 14" x 8"
Acceptable Chemical Products Acids, Caustics, Sanitizer, Chlorine

*CAN-SO-4 solenoid devices counts as 4 devices


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1 year manufacturer warranty