ALX-LITE Chemical Allocation Controller

Clean Logix

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The ALX-LITE is a simple, entry-level time-based chemical dispenser for dispense Applications. It restricts access to chemicals to only authorized individuals either with a 4 digit access code or HID RFID card (optional add-on).

The ALX-LITE is designed to accommodate dispense applications for up to 6 chemicals at a time. Dispenses are controlled via simple fixed-time values with the option of multiple products per dispense application (recipe) if desired. New applications are set up directly on the unit and can be modified at any time. The controller also records all chemical consumption data into a simple .CSV file format that can be downloaded to a USB drive for review.


Max Number of Users 100
Max Number of Recipes 999
Max Amount of Recipe Steps 6
Dispense Step Time Range 00.1s - 99m:99.9s
Max Number of Outputs 16
Dimensions 12" x 10" x 7"
Acceptable Chemical Products Acids, Caustics, Sanitizer, Chlorine


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1 year manufacturer warranty