ALX-ELITE Chemical Allocation Controller

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The ALX-ELITE is a flexible, mid-level chemical dispensing controller for users that are looking for more features than a LITE, but don't need the power of a PRO. Multi-step Application reciples allow for blending chemistry using Calibrated Time Based dispensing. Configurable User Permissions restrict access to chemistry on a per-user basis. Data is recorded .csv files which can be automatically emailed or manually downloaded to a USB drive. (USB port is sealed to IP68 when cap is installed)

ELITE units broadcast a local,secure WiFi network Users can connect to via a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to login to the ALX System Editor website. The website allows administrators to manage Users, chemicals, devices, and application recipes all through their web browser. Any modifications appear in real time on the ELITE unit once saved.


Max Number of Users 100
Max Number of Recipes 999
Max Amount of Recipe Steps 6
Dispense Step Time Range 00.1s - 99m:99.9s
Permissions Time Range 1-24 hours
Max Permissions Count 99
Max Number of Outputs


Dimensions 12" x 10" x 7"
Acceptable Chemical Products Acids, Caustics, Sanitizer, Chlorine



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1 year manufacturer warranty