SLX Venturi Rinse & Sanitize, Multi-Station - Polypropylene

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SLX Venturi Rinse & Sanitize, Multi-Station - Polypropylene

The SLX Rinse & Sanitize multi-station provides an all in one set up to quickly and effectively rinse and sanitize equipment using standard water pressure (35-125 PSI) from one location using two discharge hoses.

This low to medium volume decentralized sanitation system uses a water driven venturi effect to dilute concentrated sanitizers. Both the rinse station and sanitizer are securely mounted onto a stainless-steel wall bracket for easy installation. The mount features a large door to cover critical components, there is also a padlock hole to restrict access if necessary.

The sanitizer system features the same split body design as our single station set-ups to make servicing and maintenance a breeze. Just unclamp the two sections using the stainless-steel tri-clamp to separate the upper and lower halves to gain access to the venturi insert cartridge.


  • Split body design for easy servicing and maintenance (patent pending)
  • Tool free disassembly (even the check valves and plumbing components)
  • Large fan nozzle for efficient spray coverage
  • Heavy duty, durable construction
  • Lockable stainless-steel cover
  • Includes pressure gauges for water
  • Large stainless steel ball valves at inlet and outlet with ½” NPT connections


  • Spray Wand
    • Default = polypropylene
    • Stainless upgrade available

What's in the box?

  • Polypropylene Venturi Sanitizer with V54 insert (5.4 GPM) with 3/4" x 50’ blue hose
    • 10” polypropylene spray wand with fan nozzle - stainless wand upgrade also available
  • Stainless Steel Rinse station (7.2 GPM) with 3/4" x 50’ white hose
    • 10” polypropylene spray wand with fan nozzle - stainless wand upgrade also available
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket and cover
  • Color coded metering tips (22 metering tips, including driver)
  • 6' suction line with mesh screen and ceramic weight


  1. Mount system to suitable surface using included bracket (i.e. wall or mounting board)
  2. Connect the discharge hose and wand assembly (included) to the dispense/discharge port at the bottom of each system (red for sanitizer, white for rinse)
  3. Connect water supply to top of the unit (single 1/2” NPT)
  4. Install metering tips to hose barb on sanitizer chemical inlet
  5. Install chemical suction line (included) to sanitizer and chemical supply
  6. Verify pressure setting for optimal flow rates
  7. Open ball valves as necessary for each system to rinse and sanitize from one location



15” x 17-3/8” x 6”

Water Temperature

up to 160°F

Water Pressure

35-125 PSI

*Flow rate and CFM will vary depending on insert size.


Extra Information

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Warranty Information

1 year manufacturer warranty against defects and damaged parts.