ALX Tower Dispenser Doors

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Add a set of doors to your ALX Tower Kit to enclose the dispensing area and shield it during operation. The doors are made of HDPE plastic with large PVC observation windows so jug and container filling from the dispensing tray are still visible to operators. Each door opens to expose one side of the dispensing area so incompatible chemistries can maintain easily separation. There's even an option to integrate a sensor into the door to halt pump operations when dispenses are still active. The sensor installs directly into the door frame and is wired into the ALX chemical controller to pause the pump controller if the door is opened while a dispense is in progress. This helps prevent tampering during dispenses and reduces the risk of spills or chemical exposure.

The system comes as an individual kit that can be installed when ordered with an ALX Tower Kit or added on later in the field simply by drilling in a couple screws (included with purchase).

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