RDS Remote Delivery System

Clean Logix

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The Remote Delivery System - RDS - from Clean Logix is designed to deliver a precise amount of liquid to remote locations throughout a facility. The RDS can deliver a single chemical, water, or a mixture using either weight or flow-based volume measurements for up to 10 different destinations. All crucial components such as valves, pumps, and scale are contained behind a PVC shield for added protection.

The RDS comes standard with a 1" AODD delivery pump and 3/4” air-actuated ball valves for maximum flow and delivery rate. An optional second tower can be added to maintain isolation between incompatible products. Systems are available in with either polypropylene or stainless steel valves for optimum chemical compatibility.

Utilizing PLC communication, the RDS integrates into the plant’s control network, allowing the unit to receive dispense requests directly from the membrane controls without employee involvement, as well as communicate any errors up to control room operators. Automated integration into facility CIP processes greatly decreases delivery time in addition to eliminating irregularities.

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