PBX 1/4" Pump Cabinet Enclosure

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The 1/4" Pump Cabinet provides a safe and effective way to contain multiple 1/4" pumps in a single cabinet-style enclosure to protect operators and employees against spills, sprays, and other unexpected occurrences that could be hazardous. The cabinet features a removable shelf to mount pumps to either the back wall and mounted via a footplate depending on the pump type. 

The pump cabinet is machined and manufactured from high-grade HDPE plastic for chemical resistance and durability while staying lightweight and easy to maintain. The access door is outfitted with an impact-resistant PVC observation window and lockable latch so all pump operations can be seen but only accessible to authorized personnel. 

We're confident this will be the last pump box you'll ever need.


*Does not come with pumps - check out our PBX Pump Cabinet Kit for an all-in-one purchase.

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